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A Zoom with a View

A Digital Theatre Festival

A 2-day event featuring the following works:

  • And We Will Radiate by Josh Beasley

  • Missing Cat by Chris Hogg

  • Happy by Hannah Keeler

  • Peggy Sue is Screaming by Kate Mock Elliot

  • Corona Psycho by Christin Eve Cato

  • Reanimate by Quinn Steifbold

  • Macarons by Spencer Lawson

I served as creator and producer of this event. Over 6 weeks, I oversaw all aspects of the festival including: running the stream, creating guidelines for the new works, scheduling, finding, and managing all playwrights, directors, actors, a marketing team, and more.


In the end, I was in charge of 62 volunteer collaborators, comprised of both students and experienced professionals, from across the United States and abroad, to raise over $2600 for charity.

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