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What is KOPCORP?

KOPCORP LLC is an interdisciplinary artistic production company focused on creating artistic communities, sharing human stories, cultivating excellence in performance-based work, and exploring the convergence of theatre and film. The company also offers a bevy of administrative and production-based services to entertainment industry clients.

KOPCORP LLC's projects span the gamut of the entertainment industry:

Producing and Developing Narrative Films

BEFORE by Neil Redfield, BACKWARD APPROACH by Johnathan Morrison (UPCOMING)

Producing and Developing Theatrical Work

Loneliness Was a Pandemic by Olivia Haller, Trap Game by Andy Donnelly 

Building Artistic Communities

Theatre Write Now


KOPCORP LLC provides the additional services:

  • Application System Development and Consulting

  • Script Coverage

  • Video Capture for Live Events

  • Research and Administrative Support for Entertainment Industry Clients

  • Video Editing and Social Media Content Development

  • And much, much more

2024 Vision:

  • To make Theatre Write Now a sustainable, recurring Cohort Program

  • Fund our 2024 Production Slate:

    • Theatre Write Now's 1st Cohort Production Cycle

      • Concludes at the end of this June.

    • 1-3 Short Films

      • Backward Approach + In-development commissions

    • 1 Limited Engagement Musical Production

      • [title of show] at Under St. Marks (September 6-8)

    • 16 Performance Equity Showcase of Loneliness Was a Pandemic

      • November 1 - 24, 2024.

    • 1 Narrative Podcast Series.

      • In pre-production, Head writer is Kenjiro Lee.


Long Term Vision:

In the next 10 years, our growth goals are:

  • Achieve Public Benefit Corporation Status and B Corp Certification

  • Expand Theatre Write Now into a multi-pronged structure

    • Multiple Concurrent Cohorts for different levels of artists

    • Provide hospitality (snacks and beverages) to our artists

    • Pay our venues a fair rate (currently being donated space or given an unsustainable discount.)

  • Expand our administrative client roster to serve as an impactful, value driven and affordable boon to established entertainment industry clientele.

  • Pay a staff of passion driven arts administrators a living, fair wage.

    • For this company to grow, more than just Alex needs to work here.

  • Produce high quality studio-independent narrative films​

    • 1 Feature, 3 Short Films Annually​

  • Rent space to work out of and house equipment.​

  • Upgrade our in-house production equipment to minimize rental costs

    • Upgrade our out-dated C100 Mark 1 to a DJI 4D​

    • Purchase an industry standard lighting kit

    • Purchase industry standard post-production bay equipment

  • Establish a robust educational wing to facilitate:

    • Affordable combat and intimacy training for stage and screen

    • A bevy of eclectic theatre and film courses for young people taught by current industry workers

  • Produce an Off-Broadway scale production of a new work annually

  • Offer enjoyable community engagement and fundraising events on an annual basis


We believe that art inspires empathy and empathy denies ignorance. Whether work provides escapism, catharsis, joy, or community, we believe that if a project provides a benefit to the community, it is worth making.

  • Striving for Excellence - All art should be passion driven and if a total, genuine, and best intentioned effort is not put into creating a project, it is not worth undertaking.

  • Benefiting and Uplifting the Community - We're tired of watching the supports for emerging artists crumble. If we can't get a seat at an existing table, we're building our own, and we're building it now.

  • Sustainable Artistry - We seek to create a practice that can thrive without contributing to existing systems of oppression. No one should not be exploited or denied access to artistic opportunity because of their identity. We are structured to remain steadfast against the stipulations of any individual donor, pay artists their fair share when we can, and strive for consistent pay-want-you can ticketing, and require this for our community building and smallest level programming.

  • Exploration - We seek to explore what the entertainment industry could be, as we excavate the nature of how the industry currently functions. We empower artists to make bold choices in their storytelling and embrace failure as a reflective learning opportunity. Our work lives in the space between traditional film and theatre and we constantly seek to add new technologies and theories to our toolkit.

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